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About Me

I'm a recent General Assembly (GA) graduate, where I was enrolled in an immersive User Experience Design boot camp.

I grew up on a llama ranch in Montana, where I spent my summers bucking bales, animal training, and help around the ranch. After college I served in the US Peace Corps in Ethiopia. Upon returning to the state I moved to Seattle and worked in a non-profit education center for 5 years where I utilized my degree and continue improving my Amharic. Through my experiences prior to GA, I was faced with multiple types of problems in which I came up with creative solutions.

My community in Ethiopia had 3 computers with access to the internet in government office. I noticed how challenging it was for most of my counterparts to use them. I taught a selection of coworkers typing skills, and basic website navigation.

While at the non-profit in Seattle, I helped recent immigrants accesss services using the computers at the library. Most of them had never touched a computer beforeI began thinking about how websites and phone apps could be easier for users. After working in the field for 5 years, and learning about the needs of the community and society, I saw the opportunity to utilize my skills differently. I was inspired to move into UX design as a new challenge that would continue to benefit people on a larger scale. 

I decided to pursue a career in UX. In UX I happily merge my knowledge and skills of people, with user research, and user-centered design as a way to make interfaces easier for people.

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