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 Problem Statements: 
  1. John and his daughter connect over listening to music. She recently expressed interest in techno music. John  wants to find an early 90’s techno  album for his 12 year old daughter’s birthday. It has to be affordable, have high reviews, and in good condition.


  • User Research- Competitive Analysis, screening, surveys, interviews, contextual inquiry& usability testing

  • Affinity diagraming

  • Time boxed rapid prototyping

  • Wireframes & iterations based on user testing


  • Research, Google Survey, contextual inquiry

  • Marvel App, Sketch, Google Slides​

  • Wireframes & iterations based on user testing


  • Paper prototype

  • Wire frames
  • Slide deck
  • Check out process

Next steps:

  • Remove account logout page from the welcome screen 

  • Remove filter "review" 

  • Move Genre's section over to left to leave more room for albums

  • Create the ability to listen to little from the album

Client:Everyday music- concept project

Project:Website redesign into an e-commerce site

V2: wireframes 


Design iterations:

  • Iterated the flow by removing a few screens and simplifying 

  • Needed to add a purchase confirmation slide

  • Iterated on wording for simplicity

  • Had two buttons that did the same thing- iterated 

V1 Paper prototype 

Site Map

Key Insights:

  • Fixed global navigation bar

  • Primary navigation bar

Affinity Diagram of persona needs (supplied by instructors)

Key insights:

  • Easy check out with trusted 3rd party (like PayPal)​

  • Organized by genres

  • Easy to sort by media type

  • prominent contact and location info 

User research

Competitive Analysis: 

Key insights: 

  • Product offered on music sites varied from just music to audio devices, speakers, etc.

  • Map button sends user back to home

  • Shipping varied from free, free at a certain amount, and full cost for customer

  • 1/2 had contact info easy for user to find

2 week concept solo piece:
User researcher, affinity diagraming, contextual inquiry, interviews, time boxed screen design, feature prioritization, paper prototyping, usability testing, rapid prototyping,  wire frames, and slide deck.
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