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Client:One bus Away- student project

Project:Mobile redesign of native app

Project Summary: 2 week project, concept piece for One Bus Away

My role was Research. I conducted initial screening and surveys, user interviews, usability testing, and provided support on wireframes.

 Problem Statements: 
  1. What can we to add to One Bus Away to allow users to only use one app that informs users of traffic, construction, or special events that are delaying buses or changing routes.
  2. One Bus Away’s current interface is extremely loaded. 

Wireframes by team member Tracy Wilbur

2week project



  • User Researcher

  • Affinity diagraming

  • Design studio with UX team facilitated by me

  • Wireframes & iterations based on user testing


  • Google Survey

  • Marvel App

  • Invision

  • Adobe XD

  • Google Slides


  • Paper prototype

  • Wire frames

  • Slide deck

User research

Heuristic Analysis- Completed by team member 

Key insights: 

  • Free

  • Map button sends user back to home

  • information that seems unnecessary for users

Charts from User Screening &Survey:

Key insights:

  • 89.9% of screener responses use Google Maps

  • 46.7% ride bus 5-7days a week

  •  66% of users selected trip planning as a feature to improve

  • 58% of users selected navigation as a feature to improve

Because of the responses, we chose to implement the features of trip planning, while minting the real-time bus tracker that users currently come to the app for.

User Interviews

Key Insights:

  • Most users use One Bus Away in conjunction with a trip planning app.

  • Most users use Google Maps to figure out which route to take

  • Transfer points not clear on One Bus Away

  • Users would like to plan future route times in One Bus Away

  • Like real time updates on One Bus Away

  • Crowded interface especially in areas with multiple routes

Competitive Analysis: Uber, Transit, & Google Maps & Lyft.


Key Insights:

  • Uber: Visually appealing map, clear A to B route, Screen split to see trip history

  • Transit: Real-time, simple and visual planning, clear directions

  • Google Maps: clean map view, simple trip planning, clear directions, easy visuals

  • Lyft: Bold info page, side menu swipe, pop out with additional features, simple trip planning


V1 Paper prototype 

Design iterations:

  • UX team pull ideas from rapid prototyping to create a paper prototype  

  • Tested in Marvel App

  • ​No users noticed where route # in beginning, too many shapes,

  • users needed more guiding words 

V2: wireframes 

User testing results:

  • Too many shapes- users didn't notice them- iterated by adding color  

  • Added text after number so users knew it referred to minutes- clearly labeled trip time

  • Clearly represented walk time with icon

  • Timetable dropdown for other options if you miss your first bus

V3: Iterated Wireframes 

Next steps:

  • A/B test construction pop up vs. menu that slides out from the side

  •  Add menu titles

  • Make compass feature more prominent

  • Add filter by route

  • Make recent routes and bookmarks easier to access

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